Have a Realistic Budget

Often it can be that tented receptions can be more cost effective than inclusive indoor venues, but they do also require some additional rentals that indoor wedding venues do not. Make sure to understand the potential additional cost involved with doing a tented wedding in items like restroom trailers, generators, tabletop rentals, and bars.

Understand that Rain IS Possible

Do you have an okay tolerance with the idea of rain on your wedding day? If you feel that wind, or rain, will ruin your wedding day, it might not be ideal to have a tented event. Weather can be unpredictable.

Have a Weather Pan

Understand that rain is always possible, or winds, so making sure that you have a back-up plan for your ceremony would be idea if you plan to have a tented wedding.

Have a Site Visit with Your Vendors

Tented weddings are unique, but because of this you ideally want to make sure that all of your vendors are on the same page with communication and have an understanding of the site plan. Then you can avoid pitfalls down the road! For instance, understanding that your catering tent should be within a reasonable distance to your reception tent makes sense.