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Rental Chair Options: From Classic to Contemporary

Choosing the right chairs for your wedding reception is a crucial decision that can greatly enhance the overall aesthetic and comfort of your event. Everything from classic to contemporary, lets explore your options!

Consider Your Budget:

Determine how much you’re willing to allocate for renting chairs. Your budget will influence the range of options available to you. While high-end options like Chiavari or Cross-back chairs may be more expensive, simpler styles like folding or padded chairs can be more budget-friendly. Be realistic about your budget to avoid breaking the bank.

Evaluate Your Wedding Style:

Your wedding theme and style should guide your chair selection process to ensure a cohesive look and feel throughout the venue. Here are some chair suggestions based on different wedding styles:

  1. Rustic: Opt for Fruitwood, Natural wood or Cross-back chairs that complement natural elements like exposed beams, barn settings, or pulling the wood tones from the poles of your Sailcloth tent, enhancing the charm of your reception space.
  2. Classic: Choose timeless options like white padded folding chairs or elegant Chiavari chairs, which we offer in six color options, which pair well with a variety of themes and exude a sense of sophistication.
  3. Contemporary: Embrace clean lines and modern designs with options like ghost chairs or sleek metallic market bistro chairs, perfect for venues with a minimalist or avant-garde aesthetic.
  4. Chic: Add a touch of glamour with chairs featuring luxe fabric or bold colors sashes, elevating the overall chicness of your décor and creating a stylish ambiance.
  5. Bold: Think about adding a secondary chair style into the mix for your sweet heart or head table – Peacock Chairs are a popular statement piece!

Prioritize Comfort:

While style is important, don’t overlook comfort. Your guests will be seated for extended periods, so it’s essential to choose chairs that provide adequate support and cushioning. Test out different options at our showroom location near you, to ensure they offer comfort without sacrificing style.

By considering your budget, wedding style, and comfort requirements, you can select wedding reception chairs that complements your décor and also creates a welcoming and enjoyable experience for your guests.

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