marquee tent leading into event tent

What is a Marquee Tent and Why You Need One?

The Versatility and Importance of Marquee Tents

Question of the day – What is a Marquee Tent and Why do you need one?
Marquee tents are invaluable additions to any event or venue, offering versatile solutions for various needs. Acting as tented hallways, they provide protection from the elements when moving between tents or buildings, ensuring comfort and convenience for guests and staff alike.

These frame tents come in various widths, starting as narrow as 4 feet, and can be customized in length to fit any space. Their flexibility makes them ideal for creating coverage in unique or challenging areas where standard tent sizes wouldn’t suffice. Whether it’s connecting indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly for events like weddings or parties or serving as airlock entrances to buildings during inclement weather, marquee tents offer practical solutions.

In Event Settings

Marquee tents are often employed to facilitate catering operations, shielding food and staff from rain or wind as they transition between prep areas and event spaces. They also serve as entry points, guiding guests into buildings or larger reception tents with style and functionality.

Marquee Tent framing the entrance into this wedding reception tent at Kingsbay Mansion.
clear top wedding tent with marquee with rainbow in background
Clear Top Tent with Marquee connecting to nearby building in order for catering staff to move back and forth while protected from rain and wind.

Beyond Events

Marquee tents find utility in protecting building entrances from harsh weather conditions, particularly during winter, and covering deck or patio areas that may not accommodate larger tent sizes. Their adjustable height ensures they can span doors and match the eave height of connected tents, maintaining a seamless aesthetic.

starboard restaurant in Dewey Beach with tents by Collective Event Group for Opening Weekend and St Patrick's Day
Overhead view of Starboard Restaurant with various Marquee Tents connecting the main tent to the building in several areas – providing coverage for restaurant patrons during their opening weekend celebration.
Marquee Installed on Second Floor Deck to house overflow restaurant seating at Papa Grande in Bethany Beach

In essence, marquee tents combine practicality with versatility, making them indispensable assets for any occasion or location where protection from the elements and seamless transitions are essential.

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