Clear Top Frame Tents, Hip End

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Clear Top Tents have clear vinyl roofs that are a great option when holding an outdoor tented event, giving you an open airy feel. Often referred to as glass ceiling tents, clear top tents retain heat from sun light, which can help keep guests warm during early spring or fall weather. Since clear top tents are frame tents, can be installed and staked on grass, and also be installed over a patio, driveway, or parking lot using ballasts to secure.
The versatility of a clear top tent allows you to customize the space to fit your wedding  or event theme and style perfectly. Whether you envision a romantic garden setting, a sophisticated urban affair, or a rustic countryside celebration, a clear top tent provides a blank canvas that you can transform into your dream wedding or event venue.
Clear top tents come in hip end and gable end styles. Hip ends mimic the graduating roofline of a home, while table ends are flat on both short ends of the structure.

Clear Top frame tents are magnificent in the evenings! They allow for a more open floor plan and can either be staked or weighted to fit any location. Clear top tents come in a variety of lengths and widths to fit in any space!