High Peak Pole Tents

High peak pole tents are a timeless classic choice for weddings and events, known for their majestic peaks and plunging lines. They can be enclosed with clear, white, or cathedral window sidewalls, and drapes can be added to cover center poles for a softer look. These tents must be staked and are best suited for grass or sand, but with approval from the property owner, they can also be installed on parking lots.

Our high peak pole tents are a timeless and popular option with their majestic peaks and plunging lines for a stunning look! They are great for weddings, graduation ceremonies, and much more! Pole tents are most commonly used on grass, but can be used on any surface where we can stake into the ground in order to secure the tent. We have a variety of sizes available from 20′ wide to 60′ wide to suit any size event!
The interior of your pole tent can be softened with our white fabric center pole or side pole drapes to create an elegant backdrop for any affair!