Sailcloth Tents

Sailcloth tents truly bring a touch of elegance and charm to any outdoor event. With their translucent tops, they create a magical ambiance as they allow the natural light to filter through during the day, and have a romantic glow during the evening.
The unique stitching detail, reminiscent of sailboat sails and the natural wood center and side poles, adds a nautical and whimsical touch that can make your event feel like a dreamy coastal getaway. Whether you’re exchanging vows with the ocean breeze in your hair or celebrating amidst the serene beauty of a vineyard, Sailcloth tents are versatile enough to complement any backdrop.
Whether you’re planning a beachside wedding in Rehoboth, a celebration at a Cape May vineyard, a waterfront soirée on the eastern shore, or a picturesque gathering in the meadows of Lancaster, sailcloth tents are the perfect choice to create a romantic atmosphere for your special day.
With Sailcloth Tents, you’re not just getting a tent; you’re getting an experience that your guests won’t forget.

Sailcloth tents have a semi-translucent fabric that allows for warm, natural light during daytime events and a dramatic glow in the evening that your guests won’t forget! Sailcloth Tents got their name from have stitching detail in the fabric top, resembling the sail on a sailboat! They also come with stained wood center poles and side poles to complete the look! They bring a natural and elegant feel to your wedding or event! With its high peaks, flags, and soft rounded edges, they are great for a rustic or nautical look! They are the perfect statement for your open-air event space! We have a variety of widths and sizes to suit your needs!